Company Name: Goodwin Health Card Ltd.

Company Introduction:

Goodwin Health Care Ltd was founded in 1976. We have over 40 years of experiences at bringing the finest medical equipment and supplies to the various public and private sectors, including the EMS, hospitals, medical education institutions, nursing homes, government departments etc.

It is our goal to provide quality products with reliable customer services. Our service team is well-trained by the manufacturers in order to provide professional sales supports, repair and maintenance services. Throughout these years, we have built valuable trust among our customers.

We are extending our product range and services. Our newly introduced products include:

  • Innovative Sim-Education
    • Anatomy Table – Asclepius
    • VR Simulation – BodyMap and AcuMap
    • Surgery Simulator – Inovus
    • Ultrasound Simulator – Accurate
    • Simulation Software – LungSim, ECLSim, Body Interact
  • High Fidelity Simulator
    • Patient Simulator – Gaumard
    • Body Simulation – Lifecast
    • Silicon Accessories – MedicFX
  • Medical Education & Training
    • BLS/ ALS Manikin – SmartMan
  • Equipment / Therapy Product
    • Ventilation Feedback Device – Archeon
  • Against COVID-19
    • Air Purifier – Aurabeat
    • Disinfecting Solution – Dermodacyn


  1. Medical Education_Goodwin
  2. Hospital Equipment_Goodwin
  3. Gaumard Patient Simulator_ Goodwin
  4. Against COVID-19_Disinfecting Solution_Goodwin
  5. Against COVID-19_Air Purifier_Goodwin

Contact person:
Ricky Wong / Henry Lee / Marcus Leung

(852) 2408 8838



T: +852 2871 8894