Organizer and Organizing Committee Members


Supporting Organizations

Dr Clara WY Wu President, HKCEM
Dr Tony TN Chan SAC Chair, HKCEM
Dr Sam SM YangPresident, HKSEMS
Dr Chi-chung ChanPresident, HKCEN
Ms Yim-ping Sze To President, HKENA
Organizing Committee
Dr Oi-fung WongChairperson
Dr Shing KoVice-chairperson
Dr Yiu-cheung Chan Member
Dr Wendy Cheng Member
Dr Stephen CY Yeung Member
Dr Ming-ming Lee Member
Scientific Sub-committee
Dr Tommy SK LamChairperson
Dr Marc LC YangVice-chairperson
Dr Simon SH WongMember
Dr Kyle KL Au YeungMember
Dr Patrick SC Leung Member
Dr Kevin KC Hung Member
Dr Martin MK Leung Member
Dr Ying CheungMember
Finance Sub-committee
Dr Louis CP Cheung Chairperson
Publication Sub-committee
Dr Kin-ming PoonChairperson
Logistic Sub-committee
Dr Chi-wai ChauCo-chairperson
Dr Polk CK WanCo-chairperson
Dr Adrian KH Wong Co-chairperson
Dr Leon YO Li Co-chairperson
Dr Belle PH Lau Co-chairperson
IT Sub-committee
Dr Chun-tat Lui Chairperson
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