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Hong Kong-Taiwan Young Fellows and Trainees Exchange Forum

To broaden the horizons of our emergency physicians and learn about emergency medicine practice outside Hong Kong, there have been various exchange activities between Hong Kong and Taiwan emergency physician fellows and trainees since 2018, including hospital visits, dinner gatherings, SimWar, ultrasound competition and topic sharing and discussion in conference.

This is the 6th Hong Kong-Taiwan Young Fellows & Trainees Exchange Forum. Since 2018, the forum has been held every year in Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine Annual Conference in Taipei, and Scientific Symposium on Emergency Medicine in Hong Kong.

Due to COVID-19, Taiwan doctors will not be able to join us in person. However, a Zoom meeting session will be held, and live Facebook sharing will facilitate participants to join online.

COVID-19 is one of the hottest topics in the medical field this year. There have been various measures to deal with COVID-19 including and not limited to increased personal protective equipment, upgrading precautionary measures during intubation, and modification in working environment. We shall look into similarities and differences of how we combat the illness in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The Emergency Medical Service System plays an important role in pre-hospital patient treatment and management. People call the ambulance for all sorts of problems. Sometimes they are more urgent; other times less so. We shall discuss the structure of EMS service in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and its utilization.

A3.2 The Introduction to and Utilization of Emergency Medicine Service

Dr Marcus YH Lo
Accident and Emergency Department,
Ruttonjee and Tang Shiu Kin Hospital

Dr Marcus YH Lo is an emergency medicine resident interested in prehospital medicine and resuscitation. He is also a representative of the EM Trainees’ Network (HK).

Dr Kevin Huang
ER Resident Doctor,
Emergency Department,
Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

Dr Kevin Huang is the first-year ER resident in Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

Dr Huang grew up in Taipei, Taiwan and graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree of Psychobiology in 2013. Afterwards, He attended medical school in Kaohsiung Medical University and received medical degree in 2019.

His EM interest areas include Point-of-care Ultrasound, Toxicology, Emergency Medical Services, and Wilderness Medicine.

Dr Huang will introduce EMS history, structure, personnel, training, characteristics, dispatcher-assisted CPR, medical director, and the future in Taiwan.

He is looking forward to similarities and differences to compare between Hong Kong and Taiwan!

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