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Hong Kong-Taiwan Young Fellows and Trainees Exchange Forum

To broaden the horizons of our emergency physicians and learn about emergency medicine practice outside Hong Kong, there have been various exchange activities between Hong Kong and Taiwan emergency physician fellows and trainees since 2018, including hospital visits, dinner gatherings, SimWar, ultrasound competition and topic sharing and discussion in conference.

This is the 6th Hong Kong-Taiwan Young Fellows & Trainees Exchange Forum. Since 2018, the forum has been held every year in Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine Annual Conference in Taipei, and Scientific Symposium on Emergency Medicine in Hong Kong.

Due to COVID-19, Taiwan doctors will not be able to join us in person. However, a Zoom meeting session will be held, and live Facebook sharing will facilitate participants to join online.

COVID-19 is one of the hottest topics in the medical field this year. There have been various measures to deal with COVID-19 including and not limited to increased personal protective equipment, upgrading precautionary measures during intubation, and modification in working environment. We shall look into similarities and differences of how we combat the illness in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The Emergency Medical Service System plays an important role in pre-hospital patient treatment and management. People call the ambulance for all sorts of problems. Sometimes they are more urgent; other times less so. We shall discuss the structure of EMS service in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and its utilization.

A3.3 Panel Discussion

Dr Ching-hsing Lee
Department of Emergency Medicine,
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Keelung, Taiwan

Dr Ching-Hsing Lee is an Emergency Physician and Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine Physician in Taiwan. He is currently the Chair of Emergency Department of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Keelung Branch. He is the member of Education Committee, Public Affair Committee, Physician and Patient Relation Committee, and International Emergency Medicine Committee of Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine. He has been Assistant Professor of Medical College of Chang Gung University since 2014. Dr Lee is the founder of Emergency Medicine Residents Network (EMRN), the largest social media group on Facebook dedicated to Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed), international networking and collaboration between Emergency Physicians in Taiwan. Dr Lee’s research interests include development trend of medical specialties, networking and collaboration between physicians.

Dr Hao-yang Lin
Attending Physician,
Emergency Department,
National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan

Dr Hao-yang Lin is specialized in emergency medicine and prehospital medicine and is currently an attending physician in National Taiwan University Hospital. His personal focus is on prehospital medicine and emergency medical service. He devoted in public access defibrillation and community resuscitation. Dr Lin is currently studying for a master’s degree in health behavior and community sciences. He is one of the volunteers in Emergency Medicine Residents Network (EMRN).

Dr Chip-jin Ng
President, Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine, Taiwan

Dr Chip-Jin Ng is the Chair of Emergency Department and serves as the President of Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine Board. He has a Master’s degree in Health Administration. Dr Ng served as the Chair of the Taiwan Triage and Acuity Scale National Working Group, 2006-2014. Dr Ng has developed Taiwan Triage and Acuity scale and electronic clinical decision support tools for triage (eTTAS). In addition, he led the IT team to build an ED Information System since 2008 and created a paper free environment. He has been serially funded by Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare. His primary research interests include triage, development, implementation, dissemination and evaluation of evidence-based electronic clinical decision electronic decision support tools. Dr Ng currently serves as Chair of Emergency Department of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

Dr Axel YC Siu
President, Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine

Dr Axel YC Siu graduated in the Faculty of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1992. He received training in emergency medicine and became the Fellow of Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine and Fellow of Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (Emergency Medicine) in 2000. He is now the Consultant in the A&E Department of Ruttonjee Hospital and the Medical Director of Fire and Ambulance Services Academy, Hong Kong Fire Services Department.

Dr Siu is the President of Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine, Advisor of the Resuscitation Council of Hong Kong, President-Elect of Asian Society for Emergency Medicine and the Chairman of the Emergency Response Strategic Committee of Hong Kong Red Cross. Dr Siu’s main interest are Resuscitation, Pre-hospital Medicine and Wilderness Medicine

Dr Ben KA Wan
President, Hong Kong Society for Emergency Medicine and Surgery

Dr Ben KA Wan embarked on his career as an emergency physician since he graduated from the HKU in 2001, and became a specialist in Emergency Medicine in 2009. After attaining the fellowship, he has actively participated in the emergency medicine education by taking up the roles of instructors and course faculties in several international courses. His special interests include resuscitation science, prehospital medicine and simulation training. Currently he is the president of the Hong Kong Society for Emergency Medicine and Surgery. He also has active roles in Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine as a council member, examiner, course facilitator and subcommittee chairperson.

Dr Clara WY Wu
Vice-President, Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine

Dr Clara WY Wu has obtained her fellowship in Emergency Medicine in HK in 2004. She is the Director of Emergency Medicine Centre and the Deputy Medical Director of Union Hospital. Dr Wu was instrumental in the establishment of the first private Emergency Medicine Centre cum EM Specialist Training Centre in HK. Dr Wu is also the Vice President of the HKCEM, Founding Chairperson of the Private Emergency Physicians’ Chapter of the HKCEM, Member of House Committee of HKAM, Chairperson of Social Subcommittee under House Committee of HKAM, Member of Advisory Committee for Regulatory Standards for Private Healthcare Facilities of HKSAR and Member of Committee on Promotion of Breastfeeding of HKSAR. Dr Wu also serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Hong Kong Jockey Club.

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