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Paediatric Toxicology

B2.3 Envenomation in Children – Hong Kong Experience

Dr Yiu-cheung Chan
Chief of Service,
Accident and Emergency Department,
United Christian Hospital

Dr Yiu-cheung Chan was graduated from the medical school of the University of Hong Kong in 1994, and became a specialist in emergency medicine since 2002. He underwent overseas training in clinical toxicology in 2003. He is currently the Chief of Service in the Accident and Emergency Department of United Christian Hospital. He is the chair of the Scientific Affair Committee, vice-chair of the Education Committee of the Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine. He actively participates in training activities for emergency medicine and clinical toxicology. He had over 50 publications in books and peer review journals.

The Hong Kong Poison Information Centre (HKPIC) recorded 153 paediatric envenomation cases with age < 18 in the recent 5 years (2015-2019).

The offending creatures are commonly from land (snake, centipede), sea (fish, jellyfish) and “air” (bee, wasp).

About 22% of the cases need hospital admission, including 2 ICU cases.

Management was primarily supportive and nine cases were given antivenoms,

The majority of the case had mild to moderate outcome and none resulted in major outcome or death.

Selected interesting cases will be discussed.

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