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Medical Unit GFS (Aux): 20th Anniversary Seminar

C3.3 Bringing Simulation-based Aeromedical Training to
Hong Kong Government Flying Service

Dr Benny CP Cheng
Senior Air Medical Officer (Auxiliary), Hong Kong Government Flying Service

Dr Benny CP Cheng has been serving the Medical Unit of Hong Kong Government Flying Service since 2007. He has successfully introduced simulation-based training to the Hong Kong Government Flying Service via Air Crew Resuscitation Simulation Course since 2013.

Dr Cheng is a consultant anaesthesiologist and Chief of Service of Department of Anaesthesia and Operating Theatre Services in New Territories West Cluster. He is passionate in developing educational programs for medical professions. He is actively involved in the Hong Kong Jockey Club Innovative Learning Centre for Medicine of Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. And he is the Deputy Honorary Director and Chairman of the Simulation Trainer Certification Subcommittee. He also serves the Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists as the Chairman of the Clinical Simulation Committee. In HA hospitals, he is appointed as the Director of the Clinical Skills Training Centre in New Territories West Cluster, through which he has poured in great support in crew resource management and team-based training.

“GFS brings Emergency Air Medical Service to Patients”
“We bring Simulation based aeromedical training to GFS”

Hong Kong Government Flying Service are committed to providing the highest standard of search and rescue operations and bringing rapid response medical care to the ill and injured patients. The high reliability team is composed of various expertises and professional. The team uses helicopters and aircrafts to reach the casualties. The Air Crewman Officer (ACMO), Air Nursing Officer (ANO) and Air Medical Officer (AMO) have been equipped with various skillsets in searching, winching, managing the critically ill, resuscitation, trauma care and crew resource management. How can we train up an effective team of paramedics, nurses and doctors?

During this session, you will see how we bring modern medical education and simulation based-training to the Hong Kong Government Flying Service. The competency establishment is built up by interactive instruction and hands-on practice of various skillsets. With the whole-part-whole learning model, the team is exposed to commonly encountered scenarios via immersive simulation. Coupled with immediate debriefings, it facilitates self-reflection and serves as a powerful tool in adult learning and team training. We will share with you the success of training with reaction and behavior evidence.

All these have positively reinforced our faiths in putting GFS training forward. After all, we value to serve ill and injured patients and we strive for a high performance team.

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